“People make the difference”

DiSC Analysis

DiSC is an analysis tool that describes and explains human behaviour and shows us how we react in different situations. Rekrutteringshuset Mork has certified Disc Analysts who perform these analyzes.

The DISC model was first described by William Moulton Marston in 1928. In his book “Emotions of Normal People”, he describes people’s typical behaviour and their interaction with their environment. Marston’s model describes four different types of behaviour:

D  Dominance
I   Inducement            
S  Submission
C  Compliance


Rekrutteringshuset Mork offers DiSC Analysis as a standalone service. This is useful if you want to "map out" potential employees, already employees to look at the composition of a department, or perhaps as a survey of the qualities of a management team.

The survey itself takes about 15 minutes, and the review afterwards takes about 45 minutes.

Contact us for pricing and an appointment.

  • Application areas for DiSC®:

    • Personnel development – self-insight
    • Team development
    • Manager development
    • Sales training/customer service
    • Communication development
    • Coaching
    • Recruitment
    • Culture-building
  • Benefits of using DiSC®:

    • Heightened insight into own and other’s behaviour
    • Increased awareness of motivation factors, strengths and weaknesses
    • Heightened understanding of other people
    • Improved and more efficient communication with others
    • A common language and concept framework internally in the business
    • Better internal communications
    • Better utilisation of the business’s various resources
    • Improved working environment, greater work satisfaction

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