“People make the difference”

Hiring of personnel

When hiring personnel, it is always important to be well prepared before new employees are presented. Planning and good communication are means we value and live by. By good planning and frequent monitoring - before, during and after the mission is accomplished - you will be able to achieve success together with your personnel.

There are several ways to hire personnel:


Temporary staffing (to the top)

Hiring of extra personnel in connection with illness, temporary leave or similar.


Project staffing (to the top)

When you have assignments that require specialists or experts for a fixed period. These could be assignments you have in places in Norway where your company is not represented. In such cases we often find it difficult to get permanent employees to participate in projects which require them to leave their families behind for lengthy periods.


Seasonal staffing (to the top)

When you need staff for holiday cover, for example in expected busy seasons such as Easter, July or school starts.


Permanent staff (to the top)

When you need dedicated staff for permanent positions. This product is used when you are initially looking to hire a candidate for a period with a view to potential permanent employment over the long term. This product enables you to assess the candidate at work over a longer time perspective.


Realignment (to the top)

If your business needs to downscale, we can help with different types of measures designed to help employees who are no longer required.

This could for example involve help preparing a good CV and job application. Holding presentations on important things for individuals to consider when they are applying for a new job. We are always looking for skilled personnel whom we may also be able to recruit for other clients who may need this type of manpower.


Foreign staffing (to the top)

When you need specialists or personnel generally from all primary professional groups.

Our office in Warsaw provides us with significant access to personnel in most professional groups. We regularly participate at colleges, universities and relevant career fairs in Poland in order to be able to recruit skilled workers.

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