“People make the difference”

Personnel Manual

Thank you for choosing Rekrutteringshuset Mork as your employer. We hope you will enjoy working with us and our clients.

Rekrutteringshuset Mork focuses on its staff. We monitor our staff closely as part of our “People make all the difference” initiative. We want to create as pleasant as possible a work environment for you while you work for us so that you can do your best and be an ideal representative of Rekrutteringshuset Mork.

We want to give you the opportunity to extend your skill set by giving you exciting and challenging jobs to do while you work for us.

We have compiled this Personnel Manual so that you can easily find information on your rights and obligations and any practical information you might need.

Read through it before you start a job, and get in touch with us if there is anything you are not sure of.

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Directive on Temporary Agency Work

The Directive on Temporary Agency Work is a directive regulated and resolved by the EU, and it must be incorporated in all EU and EFTA countries.

On 7 June 2012, the Norwegian Storting (parliament) adopted the Directive for implementation in Norwegian workplaces as of 1 January 2013.

The Directive essentially involves a principle of equality for hired personnel and hiring of the company’s own personnel.

This gives staff contracted out the same working and pay conditions as employees at the hiring company.

Norwegian law, including the Norwegian Working Environment Act, forms the basis for the principle of equality and is addressed in Section 14-12. The Norwegian Working Environment Act is hence relevant as a minimum in order to safeguard the rights of employees among employers.

Our organisation (to the top)
Rekrutteringshuset Mork is an employment agency which contracts out workers and recruits candidates for permanent positions.

We apply our “Temps make all the difference” initiative in order to customise staffing solutions for our clients, and we monitor our temps closely and on a one-to-one level.

The company was founded on 21 February 2005. Our shareholders themselves play an active part in the day-to-day running of the company. Our administration is in a central location in Drammen, and we have a branch office in Warsaw.

Our quality system (to the top)
We have a commitment to our clients to find staff with the necessary qualifications and personal qualities to suit their working environment.

In the same way, it is important to find placements which you will enjoy and which are relevant in terms of your qualifications.

We implement a selection process initially in order to find out a little about your personality and what skills you have. We form a picture of you by means of an interview, analysis and references.

Contracting for Rekrutteringshuset Mork (to the top)
You are employed by Rekrutteringshuset Mork when we contract you out and throughout the duration of your contract period. A contract can be anything from a few hours to several months long. When the contract comes to an end, so do the working relationship and our employer responsibility.

We enter into a labour agreement with you when we employ you. This agreement will be applicable to all contracts you work on through us. It deals with provisions for the working relationship, confidentiality and termination of employment. The agreement is signed, and each of the parties receives a copy.

The agreement does not include any information on individual contracts. When you have accepted a contract, you undertake to work for the client for the period agreed and in accordance with conditions in the letter of engagement.  This letter of engagement specifies the duration of the contract in question, when you will be starting work, your working hours, tasks, place or work, hourly salary and who will be acting as your contact person.

If you fall ill or are delayed or prevented from turning up at work, it is important for you to notify Rekrutteringshuset Mork and the client as quickly as possible.

The period specified in the order confirmation is the period for which you are a salaried employee of Rekrutteringshuset Mork. If the contract is extended, a new order confirmation has to be issued.

If the client wishes to keep you for a period longer than that initially agreed, he/she will get in touch with us and we will then consult you with regard to potential extension of the contract period. If the client discusses this with you directly, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can agree on the extension of the contract with the client.

When you are contracted out to our clients, you are representing Rekrutteringshuset Mork and we expect you to do your best to fit in with the environment in which you find yourself, and to do your job as required by the client.

It is important to all parties that you behave politely and correctly, and demonstrate a willingness to work, flexibility and a service attitude. You may also find it advantageous to adapt to your environment in terms of your clothing and appearance.

If you do a good job, you will increase your chances of the contract being extended, or of the client asking for you the next time they need a temp. Good references and good recommendations mean that you are helping to win new contracts both for yourself and for Rekrutteringshuset Mork.

We are responsible for paying your salary and holiday pay, and for paying tax and social security contributions, as well as employer’s contributions in accordance with applicable rules.

Remember that even though Rekrutteringshuset Mork is your responsible employer, you are always subject to the guidelines, workplace regulations and HSE provisions applicable in your place of work.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if any problems arise in connection with your contract. It is our job to find a solution. Remember to address any queries on salary to us, not to the client.

Timesheets and salary (to the top)
As an employee of Rekrutteringshuset Mork, you will be paid by us.

Your salary is calculated on the basis of the timesheet you complete. This timesheet also provides a basis for Rekrutteringshuset Mork’s invoice to the client. Therefore, it is important to make sure that this is completed correctly and signed by you and a contact person at the client’s premises.

You will receive your salary once timesheets submitted have been approved and signed by the client.

Submit your timesheet to the client. He or she will then pass it on to us by fax or email.

Remember, it may be a good idea to make copies of your timesheets so that you have the opportunity to check that your salary has been calculated correctly.

Timesheets must be received by Rekrutteringshuset Mork by lunchtime on Monday in odd weeks.

Your salary will then be available on your account on Friday in odd weeks.

Your salary will be calculated on the basis of effective working hours, i.e. meal breaks are not included unless agreed otherwise.

It is important for you to make sure your timesheets are completed correctly. Therefore, check that your timesheet includes:

  • The name of the client
  • Your own name
  • Any overtime
  • Applicable date
  • Time when you started work
  • Time when you finished work
  • How long a break you had

Remember, both you and the client have to sign your timesheets.

Only hours worked are to be listed and added together.

Any absence from work must be indicated by writing “medical certificate” or “self-certification” in the relevant place. If you have been ill, you must submit self-certification or a medical certificate on your first day of absence, or at the latest at the same time as the relevant timesheet.

Payment of your salary may be delayed if your timesheet is not completed correctly or submitted on time.

Adjustment in the event of payroll errors (to the top)
We may make mistakes when calculating salary and deductions. In such instances, we reserve the right to correct this in your next salary, or as soon as we have located the error. If you find any payroll errors, you are obliged to notify our office of this.

Working hours (to the top)
The provisions applicable to the hiring company through laws and regulations, collective agreements, personnel policies, etc. are also applicable to people hired.

As an contracted-out employee of Rekrutteringshuset Mork, your working hours, lunchbreaks and any other break periods will be adjusted in accordance with the provisions of the client in question. Working hours will be specified in your letter of engagement in accordance with the client’s provisions concerning working hours.

Overtime, time off in lieu, remuneration and supplements (to the top)
The provisions applicable to the hiring company through laws and regulations, collective agreements, personnel policies, etc. are also applicable to people hired.

As an contracted-out employee of Rekrutteringshuset Mork, your overtime hours and remuneration for these will be adjusted in accordance with the provisions of the client in question.

This is also applicable if the hiring company applies to the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority and/or its own trade union with regard to extended use of overtime and this is approved.

Tax deduction cards (to the top)
We will deduct tax in accordance with your tax deduction card.

For employees with Norwegian personal ID numbers, tax deduction cards will be downloaded by Rekrutteringshuset Mork from the tax authorities.

Employees with no Norwegian personal ID number or temporary Norwegian personal ID numbers have to apply to the tax authorities for their tax deduction cards every year. When your application is submitted, you are obliged to notify Rekrutteringshuset Mork of this so that we can download your tax deduction card from the tax authorities. Info on this will be sent to us by email: lonn@rekrutteringshusetmork.no

If you recently arrived in Norway, you must submit a certified copy of your application for a tax deduction card to Rekrutteringshuset Mork. When you receive a personal ID number or D number, you are obliged to supply this to Rekrutteringshuset Mork as soon as possible. Info on this will be sent to us by email: lonn@rekrutteringshusetmork.no

Always remember to write your full name – i.e. your first name, middle name and surname – on all mail you send us.

No salary will be paid until your tax deduction card has been received.

If you do not receive a new tax deduction card before your second payroll calculation, 50% tax will automatically be deducted until we receive info from you which allows us to download your tax deduction card from the tax authorities.

Your tax deduction card from the previous year may be used for your first payroll calculation when we make the transition into a new year.

Insurance (to the top)
When you are working for Rekrutteringshuset Mork, the following insurance policies are valid:

Occupational injury insurance:
Injury or illness contracted in the performance of your work, in the workplace and during working hours. Injuries contracted on your way to or from work, or during your time off, are not covered. There are regulations in law for determination of compensation levels.

Mandatory Occupational Pension:
Rekrutteringshuset Mork has Mandatory Occupational Pensions (OTP) for all its staff.

This pension scheme is compliant with the currently applicable OTP regulations, established by the authorities.

The Norwegian Mandatory Occupational Pensions Act (OTP) came into force on 1 January 2006. Employers pay into the pension scheme from 1 July 2006. As per the statutory requirement, Rekrutteringshuset Mork pays 2% of all income between 1 and 12G into a defined contribution scheme.

Therefore, in the case of a 3G income, pension contributions of a minimum of 2% of 2G must be paid (income from 1G to 3G). No pension contributions are paid on income over 12G.

Employees who meet the conditions for OTP must initially be included in the occupational pension scheme from their first day with the company. Exceptions may be linked to enrolment and withdrawal of temporary staff if there is – for example – uncertainty about the number of hours to be worked and the salary at the time of employment.

If an employee leaves before twelve months, however, that person will not be entitled to the accrued pension capital. The accrued pension capital will then be transferred to the company’s deposit/premium reserve.

The employer bears financial liability for fees for administration of the pension scheme.

Holiday and holiday pay (to the top)
You are free to take as many holidays, which are as long as you like, between jobs. During jobs, holiday has to be agreed with Rekrutteringshuset Mork, which in turn will agree it with the hiring company.

Holiday must be requested in plenty of time beforehand, and requests for holiday must be submitted in writing by email to the personnel manager at Rekrutteringshuset Mork.

Holiday pay is paid in accordance with the rules in the Norwegian Annual Holidays Act.

The rate and duration of holiday are regulated by the equality principle.  The provisions applicable to the hiring company through laws and regulations, collective agreements, personnel policies, etc. are also applicable to people hired.

Therefore, the holiday pay rate applicable to contracted-out staff at Rekrutteringshuset Mork will be dependent on clients’ rates for the same.

Therefore, 10.2% or 12% holiday pay will be calculated on all taxable income.

When you leave your employment with us, you can ask for any holiday pay accrued to be paid to you. Holiday pay accrued in the year in which you leave your employment, and which is paid in your final year, will be taxed. This is applicable in the case of final settlements, and not if you just have a break between two jobs.

Holiday pay in the current holiday year will be paid on request.
In both cases, a request for payment of holiday pay must be submitted in writing by email to lonn@rekrutteringshusetmork.no and include your full name and the account number to which the funds are to be paid.

All salary paid, including sick pay, will provide an entitlement to holiday pay in accordance with the applicable rules of the National Insurance Act.

Movable public holidays and other public holidays (to the top)
Public holidays:

  • 1 May
  • 17 May

Moveable public holidays:

  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day
  • New Year’s Day
  • Maundy Thursday
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Sunday
  • Ascension Day
  • Whit Monday

Personnel employed by Rekrutteringshuset Mork are covered here by the equality principle.

Requirements for holiday entitlements and rights to holidays and remuneration in connection with public holidays are regulated by the provisions applicable to the hiring company through laws and regulations, collective agreements, personnel policies, etc.

Illness (to the top)
If you or your children fall ill and you have to take time off work, it is important for you to notify both us and the client as soon as possible, with no undue delay. You will be entitled to sick pay from the day on which you notify us that you or your children are ill, unless it was practicably impossible for you to provide notification earlier. This is applicable to both self-certification and medical certificates.

Sick pay/medical certificates (to the top)

  • To receive your salary while you are ill, you have to have been working for us for at least four weeks before you fell ill. 
  • If you have a break of 14 days or more between contracts, a new waiting period must be accrued before you can use a medical certificate.
  • Medical certificates are submitted to us directly or by post.
  • Sick pay is paid in accordance with National Insurance Scheme regulations. A standard calculation is 100% of average income (without overtime) for the last four weeks before the period of sick leave, with an upper limit of 6G (G = National Insurance Scheme base amount). If you have not worked regularly for the last four weeks, a longer period will often be used as a basis for average calculations.

Self-certification (to the top)

  • To be able to use self-certification, you have to have been working for us for at least two months.
  • If you have had a break of 14 days or more between contracts, a new waiting period must be accrued before you can use self-certification.
  • Self-certification is submitted to us directly, by post or by email if you have a scanner.
  • You can use up to four self-certifications over a period of twelve months, each for up to three calendar days.
  • If you use four self-certifications within a period of 12 calendar months, you will lose the right to use self-certification for six months.
  • If you fall ill again within 16 days, earlier days off will be included when there is no medical certificate from a doctor.
  • Non-working days are counted as self-certification days if you are ill immediately before and immediately after such non-working days.
  • Self-certification cannot be used if you have received sick pay from your employer for two weeks and fall ill again before you have been back at work for another two weeks.
  • The number of self-certifications per year is applicable in total, no matter how many employers you have during the period.              

Even if you are entitled to use self-certification, you must always present a medical certificate if you are unfit for work beyond the self-certification period.

This medical certificate must be obtained on the first working day after the end of the self-certification period, and if this is not done you will lose your entitlement to sick pay for the three days of self-certification. This is also applicable if you are ill for a total of more than three days within a period of 16 days (e.g. two days one week and two days the next.

A self-certification form can be found on our website. If you have problems downloading this, please let us know and we can send it to you.

Forms must be signed and returned to Rekrutteringshuset Mork together with your timesheet.

Illness of a child (to the top)

  • If you have to remain off work due to having to look after a sick child in your permanent care, you are entitled to sick pay if you have been working for us for at least 14 days. You must also supply self-certification or a medical certificate.
  • You are entitled to sick pay from the first day on which you let us know of the illness. If your absence goes beyond three days of self-certification, you must submit a medical certificate from a doctor for the child as of the fourth day of absence. If you do not do this, you will lose your entitlement to sick pay for your three days of self-certification.
  • If you have had a break of 14 days or more between contracts, a new waiting period must be accrued before you can use self-certification.
  • You can receive pay during illness of a child up to and including the child’s twelfth year, for up to ten days per calendar year or 20 days if you are a single parent. If you have three or more children, you will be entitled to sick pay for 15 days per calendar year, or 30 days if you are a single parent.
  • The number of days per year is applicable in total, no matter how many employers you have during the period.
  • The above is also applicable if the person who looks after the child on a daily basis (childminder) falls ill.

When calculating sick pay, your hourly pay income from your last job for Rekrutteringshuset Mork will always be used as a basis, without exception.

Welfare leave (to the top)
If you have worked for us continuously, working at least 700 hours in the last twelve months, you can take time off work without a pay deduction if you need to visit a dentist, doctor or specialist. This scheme is limited to three hours per instance, or up to eight hours over twelve months. This relates to instances where it is not possible to get appointments outside working hours.

Paid leave for up to one day may be given in connection with the death/funeral of someone in your immediate family. “Immediate family” refers to people such as a spouse, children, brothers and sisters and parents.

Paid leave may also be given for up to one day if you get married or if your wife/partner gives birth to a child. Here, too, you have to have worked at least 700 hours over the last twelve months.

Applications for compassionate leave will be submitted in writing and in advance to the personnel manager. Applications must be approved before leave is granted.

Termination of a job (to the top)
As soon as you receive notification from a client of when your temporary assignment will be terminated or extended, you must notify Rekrutteringshuset Mork. In some instances clients wish to terminate contracts ahead of the agreed time. Both you and Rekrutteringshuset Mork then still have mutual obligations during the notice period.

During this notice period, Rekrutteringshuset Mork will offer you suitable work with another client. Our employer responsibility will cease to apply if you turn down this work during this period.

Termination of employment (to the top)
All notice must be given in writing and your notice period will run from the date on which your notice is received by our office within regular office hours. The notice period is 14 days on either side. It is your duty to carry out the planned work for the client for these 14 days. If you fail to adhere to the contract during your notice period, this will be regarded as unauthorised leave and you will not receive pay.

If your behaviour in such instances results in losses for Rekrutteringshuset Mork and/or our client, you may be liable to pay damages for this period.

References (to the top)
A letter of reference will be issued when you leave. In accordance with the provisions of the Norwegian Working Environment Act, this must include as a minimum information such as the employee’s name, date of birth, what type of work the employee has done, and start and finish dates. A more detailed reference may be issued if so required.

Duty of confidentiality (to the top)
You may work for a number of different companies and many different people, and employees of Rekrutteringshuset Mork are subject to a duty of confidentiality. Therefore, everything you find out about must be regarded as confidential. Never discuss your work with anyone other than the client or colleagues who work for the same person as you.

This duty of confidentiality remains applicable even if you leave the temporary assignment.

Contacts at Rekrutteringshuset Mork (to the top)

HR manager:
Martin Dammen
+47 4527 9752

Can be contacted for matters relating to holiday, absence, illness or accidents in the workplace.
Other personnel-related queries can also be addressed to the HR manager.

Payroll Manager:
Adriana Greber-Michelsen
+47 9266 3908

Can be contacted for questions relating to payment of salary or errors in payment of salary or holiday pay.

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